1) Global Climate Change


       a) Main Problems (Environmental-Water Resources, Forests,

            Wildlife and Animals, Legal, Political, Economic, Social etc.)

       b) Measures and Legal Issues (Bindingness, Sanctions etc.)

       c) Political and Social Impacts of Climate Change (Water Policy,

            Environment and Natural Resource Security, Climate Migration, Climate Refugee,

            International Environment Regime, International Cooperation etc.)

       d) Economic Dimension (Green Economy, Carbon Footprint, Carbon Market,

             Carbon Credit, Non-Carbon Based Economy, carbon tax etc.)

        e) Pre and Post COP 21 (Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement, COP23 Bern Agreement etc.)



         2) Managing Climate Change

              and Mega Disasters stem from Global Climate Change


         a) Impacts of Climate Change on Policies

         b) Managing Mega Disasters

         c) Legal Issues

         d) Economic, Political, Environmental and Social Dimension



        3) Sustainable Development Approaches


         a) Sustainable Energy (Sustainable Energy Policy)

         b) Green Buildings and Energy Management, Green Building Certificate Systems

         c) Sustainable Environmental Education

             (Environmental Education, Environmental Awareness & Perception)

         d) Sustainable Development Policies (Sustainable Environment Policy, Sustainable Energy Security)